We provide the following categories of products.

BET surface area, pore size distribution

These instruments are used to evaluate the specific surface area and pore size distribution of various solid materials such as powders, fibers, membranes, substrates and molds by gas adsorption and mercury intrusion. Models are available for measuring pore size distribution ranging from nanometers to several hundred micrometers.

Catalyst evaluation

These instruments are used for characterization of catalysts by TPD for determining the acid/basicity of solid catalyst and pulse injection method for the metal dispersion rate of noble metal supported catalysts, evaluation of catalytic reaction with Q-mass and separation factor by breakthrough curves.

Adsorbed amount & Adsorption rate measurement

A wide variety of products are available that allow gas/vapor adsorption isotherm/isobar measurement under various conditions, such as from vacuum to high pressure, from low to high temperatures, from very small by QCM to large amount adsorbed amount by using a column packed-bed, multi-component adsorbed amounts.

Membrane and filter evaluation

These instruments evaluate the through pore size distribution of samples such as separators, filters, separation membranes, filtration membranes, nonwoven fabrics, paper, etc. Products that can test the separation/permeability of a separation membrane are also available.

True density measurement

This true density instrument uses the gas displacement method to measure true density (volume of sample itself without voids and open pores) or skelton density (volume of sample including closed pores).

Fuel cell evaluation

This instrument is used to evaluate SOFCs. Various types of planar cells such as electrolyte support cells, anode support cells and symmetry cells can be investigated. Customized products to meet specific needs are also available.

Particle size distribution

Particle size distributions & concentration ratio analysis (calculated from transmitted laser light) for suspended particulates in air such as atomized droplets, powders, spray particles, mist and etc.

For information on analyzers such as particle size distribution, slurry dispersibility and particle shape analysis, please visit Microtrac Inc's website.