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Catalyst analyzer2

Building on the experience and technology in BELCAT series, a new fully-automated catalyst analyzer, BELCAT Ⅱ has been launched. BELCAT Ⅱ will be the very best catalyst analyzer for catalyst researchers.


BEL's new fully-automated catalyst analyzer, BELCAT Ⅱ enables comprehensive catalyst study by using the techniques;

  1. 1) Pulse chemisorptionPulse chemisorption
  2. 2) Pulse chemisorptionTemperature programmed desorption (TPD)
  3. 3) Pulse chemisorptionTemperature programmed reduction (TPR)
  4. 4) Pulse chemisorptionTemperature programmed oxidation (TPO)
  5. 5) Pulse chemisorptionTemperature programmed reaction (TPReaction)
  6. 6) Pulse chemisorptionBET single point measurement

The high reputation for the quality and the user-friendliness of BELCAT series was taken over by BELCAT Ⅱ. BELCAT Ⅱ will be the strong tool for the catalyst evaluation.

Typical applications

  • ・Acidity study of cracking catalyst by ammonia or pyridine TPD.
  • ・Basicity study of solid base catalyst.
  • ・Metal dispersion rate evaluation of exhaust gas catalyst / fuel cell electrode catalyst.
  • ・Determination of optimal preparation conditions of catalyst.
  • ・Catalytic reaction study.

For the special applications, please contact us. BEL can customized the system for you.

Main features

  • ・Affordable price.
  • ・Small foot print.
  • ・Precise gas control by three high performance mass flow controllers.
  • ・Precise automatic gas injection system for calibration.
  • ・The pulse loop with temperature/pressure sensor enables the highly reproducible result.
  • ・A variety of options to fulfill the customers' demand.
  • ・With the standard gas mixing equipment, mixed gases (H2/Ar, O2/He, etc...) are not necessary.



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