Catalyst evaluation

These instruments are used for characterization of catalysts by TPD for determining the acid/basicity of solid catalyst and pulse injection method for the metal dispersion rate of noble metal supported catalysts, evaluation of catalytic reaction with Q-mass and separation factor by breakthrough curves.

Catalyst evaluation list

  • Catalyst analyzer1

    This can evaluate acidity/basicity of solid catalysts, metal dispersion rate, and BET surface area. In addition to the function as a catalyst analyzer (BELMass), BELCATII can measure adsorption breakthrough curve.

  • Catalyst analyzer2

    BELCAT-M offers highly accurate and reproducible data with simple operation. This can measure pulse chemisorption, TPD, TPO/TPR and single point BET.

  • Metal dispersion analysis1

    BEL-METAL-1 is reasonable and compact automatic model, specialized for pulse chemisorption measurements. This can measure metal dispersion rate and evaluate oxygen storage capacity.

  • Metal dispersion analysis2

    BEL-METAL-3 is designed for effective pulse chemisorption measurements. It can measure three samples simultaneously. High-throughput-measurement is possible because time-consuming pretreatment is conducted simultaneously.

  • Automatic catalytic reactor system

    BEL-REA is a compact fixed-bed flow reactor. The reaction can be observed for a variety conditions. According to use's requirement, this system can be customized.

  • Temperature controller for BELCAT series

    CATCryo is a measurement temperature control system to BELCAT series. Combining with BELCAT series, the furnace temperature can be controlled from -100℃ to 1100℃ without changing the furnace.

  • On-line gas analyzing system

    BELMass is a gas analyzer with a quadrupole mass analyzer. A vacuum pump is built in the system. This can analyze gases easily.