• Corporate info

Corporate info

Greetings from the CEO

MicrotracBEL has been selling analysis devices related to powders and particles, and developing and manufacturing devices that are useful for solving our customers’ problems since 1978. We are constantly improving the performance, quality, and – of course – the user-friendliness of our analysis devices, deepening the trust our customers place in us.
Powders/particles and porous substances are used in a variety of manufacturing fields, including electronic component materials, automobiles, drugs, adsorption, and separation techniques, and their applications continue to expand. Our aim is to develop devices that can be used by anyone to measure easily and accurately the material substances that underlie such industries.
MicrotracBEL endorses the 17 sustainable development goals recommended by the United Nations, and we will continue to develop and manufacture devices that are useful in the field of powder/particle analysis as it pertains to solving the environmental, energy, water, and food-related problems that face the world today, as we strive to be a helpful contributor to our customers’ research and product quality improvement endeavors. At MicrotracBEL, we strive to keep evolving and make real contributions to the world by conveying a sense of discovery, wonderment, and excitement to our employees and customers.
Going forward, we humbly request your increased patronage, guidance, and encouragement in these efforts.

Kazuyuki Nakai
MicrotracBEL Corp.

Corporate Outline

MicrotracBEL Corp.
(100% subsidiary of NIKKISO CO., LTD.)
Head Office
8-2-52 Nanko-Higashi, Suminoe-ku, Osaka 559-0031, Japan
Japan(Tokyo,Nagoya and Osaka)
Overseas(Germany - BEL Europe GmbH -)
Application Lab.
Osaka and Tokyo
in 1978
※MicrotracBEL Corp. was incorporated on 1 October 2014 as a successor company of the business.
President & CEO
Kazuyuki Nakai
¥65,800, 000
Number of employees
Fiscal Year
January to December